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Duration: 01:05 Submitted: 5 months ago
Description: Backin' That Ass Up. Where do you live, she asked? I forgot all about working with the flower bed, which is why I came to the church after school. Two up my pussy and one deep down my throat, slamming into me, gasping for air as they pound into me, warm salty spunk running down my throat as two loads are dumped into my pussy, ooh yes, this is good. I perform the most awkward move and slide both hands in a V motion down to her crotch, in which she flips over for me. The small dress, tore in half drops to the floor and I pick her frame up, letting it wrap around my much bigger one, Carrying her to the master-bathroom walking past my bedroom where we made love for the first time the night before. There was a small bathroom with a shower and a large variety of douches, soap, towels and mouthwash. Dakota loved it. 'Backin that ass up' has rating 4 from 10 by 19 votes.