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Description: Up Close And Personal. I let my hands wander to her ass, rubbing it and grabbing the jean covered flesh as I pushed my manhood into her pelvis watching the excitement grow in her eyes as it grew against her. They drove about a half hour with him holding her and kissing along the way. They looked like a mob ready to lynch someone! When I arrived home around lunch time Angie's car was gone from the drive. Take it my white bitch and his huge load of cum is deposited inside my womb and surely Im on my fertile period and it could make me pregnant. I know that you are an honest person, and I am going to ask you a question and I want you to give me an honest answer. I became very relaxed and began squirming around with my eyes shut, just listening to the sounds from the TV and letting my imagination do all of the work. I could only assume he smacked me hard enough to send me toppling. 'Up close and personal' has rating 7 from 10 by 22 votes.
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