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Description: Sasha Gray. I can't tell you who I am. Then I put my fingers back in her sopping wet pussy, curled them up high inside her, searched for and found her 'g-spot', and massaged it with my finger-tips. Why indeed Heather; today you made it impossible for me to concentrate on anything but you; do you know horny you made me feel, knowing that I couldn't do anything about it and all the time my thoughts. Afterwards they ask her Where is she from and she told them. We both started to gasp as my huge cock penetrated his tight ass. But this time as she was fully awake her curiosity got better of her and she tried to slowly open the door but before opening, what she saw from the Key hole took her senses totally and she felt glued. 'Sasha gray' has rating 3 from 10 by 11 votes.
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