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Duration: 06:40 Submitted: 5 months ago
Description: Going Down. While the few not old enough were declared off limits until they reached adulthood. I screamed, but no sound came out of my mouth as my body spasmed and heaved, and the floodgates finally opened, and I filled Emily's mouth with cum. I paused for a moment at her waist before continuing downward. It seemed like several minutes passed with nothing but the sound of his heavy breathing and my occasional sob. You will be staying here with me. How could she not? We headed to one of the far corners, where there were comfy chairs and tables. Not my best sexcapade I assure you. She sits there coughing and choking all soak and wet from all the cum. Each time he thought relief was near, he was woken. I grabed the middle of her panties and pulled them down exposing her beautiful little ass.