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Description: Hot Milk. A slow rhythm at first; long luxurious strokes, each a little faster and a little harder. I left them to it and started to wander around, randomly picking up or stroking items of clothing, more acting interested than anything else. To Ethan's horror, she came directly to him, smiling. She hesitated breifly and he said its all half price or less. Her pussy was now twitching in time to the changes in her moan, which also corresponded to the grinding thrusts of her body. What the fuck was wrong with him? My body won't obey me anymore. By this time we started taking turns with the massage and this time it was my turn to do her. Just like old times, eh? Way ahead of you! It was a constant sound such as waves slamming against rocks but how could that be she wondered. He motioned to the other two to look, but be quite, down over the edge. Hey, pecker-eater, he softly replied. She gave me her pussy-cat smile, so I knew that she was up to something! Like with his right arm, the destruction moved up to the elbow and shoulder, first breaking the joints and then twisting them until the bones ripped free and the limbs hung like sausage links. 'Hot milk' has rating 5 from 10 by 9 votes.
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