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Description: Wet Head. I would look in once in awhile and see Jimmy putting his hand on Nichole's barely covered thigh. Take it all baby! No, you're naked. You remove my blindfold. That way, if she does get knocked up, you could be the daddy. I've been trying not to, but you're so beautiful. Get one client a day for five days and you could be making an extra grand a week. Darlene cried out, Yes, oh yes, that's perfect. By this point Alyson had mostly moved on from her old group of friends, concluding that the video-game/atheist/basement dweller crowd she was with before had too many creeps. Even under the water, his fingers easily penetrated her. I ran my fingers through the fine down of hair covering my pudenda, keeping away from my itching pussy. I just nodded agreement, I was keen to do this now, the cock up my arse felt fantastic, and I just love having my holes stretched to the max. Then the third one rolled her over, spread her legs wide and started fucking her like he has never had any before. 'Wet head' has rating 2 from 10 by 9 votes.