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Description: Squirting Nurse. I am liking that a lot. Well in the movies the next morning the girl always wears the mans shirt the next morning, I figured I mine as well do it. The facts are; you don't sleep around. Yes Sir, I will keep my eyes lowered in your presence. But she winked at me to let me know everything was OK. I visited Paul just after the film wrapped. She jerked my cock furiously with one hand and grabbed my balls in the other. I served up 4 plates for them and told them they could take it in by the game if they wanted, they did. It's slow and agonizing progress as you slowly gain an additional inch. I asked her did you like it she nodded yes and strated sobbing i said well dont feel bad i loved it just as much as you she looked up at me said i love you i in turn told her i loved her as well and i. 'Squirting nurse' has rating 1 from 10 by 16 votes.
Models: Aria Ben English