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Description: Old Hubby Watches His Blonde Wife Rides Another Dick. So good, I screamed. Later that evening, after Jess had headed home, Dad was still talking excitedly about his idea. We went to the hospital early the next day to spend as much time with Jess as possible. So I told this lady to call me instead of texting, I wanted to hear her voice. Both Addison and Kenna burst out laughing. She was so turned on from that embrace, from that kiss, from feeling her father's hard cock against her and from realizing that the feelings were not just one sided. Removes the colors from our sight. Plus, he told her, she had to be the judge of whether she was ready for masturbation. Jayda didn't have any clothes on or with her. Their mouths mushed together in a sloppy kiss as the girls fell back onto the bed.