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Description: Brad Mcguire As Dominant Top. When the guys were alone, some would talk obscenely about what they would do if they had a chance to get their hands on her body. They had went to lunch afterwards were they continued to talk and she agreed to return to his trailer, sealing the deal with a blowjob under the table of the resturant. I was on my bed in my own bedroom still in my work clothes. I would love to learn how to give a blowjob. Staring down and seeing this picture of innocence with his cock in her mouth was more than an inexperienced lad could handle, and seconds later his pecker spasmed hard, filling the old cock hound's throat with a hot load of teenage spunk!!! Oh no, too many questions. You have the towel thing to hold over my head. We quickly ate, I paid the bill and we left.
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