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Description: Blacktastic 2 - Scene 2. It wasn't much more than a minute before I was done. I guess it's time to get back into my cage and hang around for an hour, she said aloud to no one in particular. She started to lick at her clit again. Zethriel waved his hand and the iron armor rematerialized, locking the demon's cunt and nipples out of reach. My pussy had never been hotter. I'm your Master. Your legs she did it and I started to suck her pussy and i got under her and I told her to piss when she was ready and as I licked her clit I felt her peeing and I opened my mouth letting it flow in swallowing. Amber was amazed with the variety. I was sure missing out on a lot of really good stuff! She was getting raped while I was sitting on a prison cot, doing homework because I was unsafe to be out in the public.