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Description: Revenge Of The Whores 3 - Scene 2. Woody, who had been laying in his bed, came over and began to sniff at her crotch. She answered, Yes master. I wouldn't sell it if I were in better health, the man said. Then she sucked almost all the cum out of my mouth! Shelby sighed deeply as my fingers pressed in deeper and spread her lips apart, enjoying the hot molten velvet inside. He paused for a second before leaving her office, and then in a hesitant voice replied, Well I bet that anyone as pretty as you has a lot of friends!!! After supper he made Angela guzzle down his come straight into her gulping throat. Who wants lunch! I growl at her, seeing the marks I made before all over her skin only makes me harder, she was mine now. I waved it a couple times to cool it off, then draped it across his broad shoulders. Too many guys had been hurt. Hmm, sorry I couldn't help it. He liked how it made him feel sitting there in front of his mother, thinking about how good it felt inside her daughter.