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Description: The Brother Load 2 - Scene 4. She too had a very hairy vagina, just like the women in the magazines Josh was so frantically masturbating over while looking at them. What she didn't know, wouldn't hurt her. As I mentioned before, she said slowly, I live alone, mostly by choice, as my work takes up and enormous amount of my time, and having a family just isn't feasible, do you understand so far!?! After all, we both loved Kimmy's pussy. Sure, she and Paul had gotten together a few times with Ann and her husband, James, for some fun sexcapades, but she had not given much serious thought to expanding their involvement to include other couples. I shot a huge load down her throat. I think he liked it as much as I. I brought my tongue down to her pussy as his finger eased up her ass, never letting our eyes loose contact. Amber had not gone to school since, so hadn't even seen her friend in weeks (if they even *were* friends anymore). Maybe Ill make a run down to the city and sell a few gallons.