Girl Exposure #1 -- Camera Date - TubeStars Date

Duration: 11:29 Submitted: 5 months ago
Description: Exposure #1 -- Camera Date. This was really going to happen and he still couldn't believe it. Time to move on to the next stage, I push the toy from my arse and put them both aside. I closed my eyes and I could feel her unbuckling my belt and unzipping my fly, the I could feel her cold hand reach down into my boxers and grab or already erect cock. Shit, that meant she could have been watching me while I looked at her ass or made room for my dick. This time Lisa opened her mouth a little, while Bart slowly slid his tongue in her mouth. Kat questioned. He hoped one day she'd explain it. She thrust faster and a little deeper each time. Normally I would have savored this more, but I heard loud noises from the party and was suddenly reminded that I might be working on a time budget here.
Models: Sasha Xiphias