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Description: A Dick From The Wall For Bianca. She sat in silence, trying to listen to any noise that might indicate that everything was ok and that she could help the soldiers and research staff who actually thought of her as a friend and comrade. It made a tasty treat even tastier when that chocolaty frosting was mixed with Angela's lust juices straight from her itchy, gooey cunt. Her tight pussy wrapped around my fat cock with some difficulty, but after a few minutes, fucking Salma was quite easy. She looked up at me, worried. Mentally twisted beyond repair, his sister had asked him to rape her, and as a broken man under the influence of drugs and abominable evil that would put the devil to shame, he had taken advantage of her and brutalized her. Grabbing her tits and rolling her large nipple between my thumbs and fingers caused her to gasp as her sensitive nipples sent shocks to her pussy. Pain and pleasure. Oh, want to play rough?
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