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Description: Roccosiffredi Jailed Babes Suck A Lineup Of Cocks. He inquired nonchalantly, even though he knew the answer. After about 2 minutes, she was shaking, holding on to me, her nails digging in to my shoulders. For those of you that haven't read any of my other stories, I am starting to write some of the true stories that I have experienced with a very sexy woman called Steph. His eyes followed every move I made and for right now his attitude was better. She looked up again and started to say something but stopped and told me she's be right back. Not wanting to deal with her trying to escape me, I attached her chain collar around her neck and bound her arms. G-god in heaven you're fucking me to death! Her pussy glistened in the low light, the aroma of her arousal wafting into his nose.