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Duration: 01:17 Submitted: 4 months ago
Description: This Dick Makes Me Wet. Last thing I want to do is drive one of the regular drunks back to whatever shit stained slum they drag themselves out of so they can get drunk, and ogle the club kids in their short skirts and loose spaghetti strap tops dance around and fondle each other in hopes of getting free drinks. But now, it was time to load up the vans as we were all set to go. Want to pee Nun? I got out of the pool to get a soda. We would soon be billionaires. Gia, giggling the whole time, told Zuby what we had seen through the fence when we had arrived that afternoon. Lying on top of her we laughed and began kissing again, her cold hands rubbing my back and ass as I held myself above her, kissing her neck and breasts.